antergos :rescue a swiss-knife USB-Live-ISO

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a swiss-knife USB-Live-ISO for Antergos

warning: the antergos :rescue ISO is still under development, use on your own risk!

Latest builds are aviable over my webside:

Discussion on the ISO will happen here:

ISO is now a fork from original archiso

build the iso on your own:

Install: sudo pacman -S git arch-install-scripts dosfstools libisoburn mkinitcpio-nfs-utils make patch squashfs-tools wget cpio gfxboot lynx btrfs-progs


Cloning this repository like this: git clone --recursive

Enter into antergos-rescue folder and install our modified mkarchiso by running: cd antergos-rescue and then sudo make install

following commands needs to be done all as root (su to get so) then copy the installed files from installdir to your builddir: cp -R /usr/share/archiso/configs/releng //builddir

Build the ISO

Now you are ready to turn your files into the .iso which you can then burn to CD or USB:

First create the out/ directory:

mkdir //builddir/out/ then inside //builddir, execute:

./ -v

The script will now download and install the packages you specified to work/*/airootfs, create the kernel and init images, apply your customizations and finally build the iso into out/.

Rebuild the ISO

You have to remove work directory:

rm -R work